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Thread: Who built Ross Roper saddles

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    Who built Ross Roper saddles

    Hello all,

    Hopefully someone on the list will have some information regarding my subject line.

    Over the past two weeks, I have received two telephone calls, one from a fellow in Canada, the other from a lady in
    Kentucky, both of who own a roper type of saddle, fully carved (so they say) and which each have a large, plain german
    silver horn cap enscribe with the words, Ross Roper. The gentleman from Canada said that there is no maker stamp, and
    only a number on the rear jockey shield. He did state that on the upper left of the left fender is a scroll with the capital letter
    P followed by a period. The lady told me that on the shield of her saddle is the number 650 and that there is a stamp on the
    latigo carrier that says Ross Roper and something else that she was going to check and send to me.

    To each, I had to say, no, I am not the maker. But, due to my own curiosity, would like to know more about them, as well
    as to be able to help these people with there request for more information.

    Both of these owners have said that the saddles are heavy, appear to be well built and are full floral carved, the one with oak leaves
    and acorns, the other a larger floral carved pattern of the order of the late 70s or early 80s.

    Will appreciate any and all information.

    Thanks to all.

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    Ross Ropers were sold by Ross Saddlery in Kansas. I was working at Corral Saddlery in the late '60's and we sold lots of them. According to their salesman (Jack Coe) at that time they were made by Simco but they had that "mountain" look''
    They were plain, geo stamped, part & fully tooled and heavy. Haven't heard of them after the early '70's. Hope this helps you.

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    Saint Joe, IN
    Good morning, Sam,

    Thank you so much. This information is what I was looking for. I will now share with the people who have inquired of me.

    It is interesting, at least to me, the number of saddlemakers with the surname ' Ross '.

    I recall from years past, while Standard Saddle Tree was in business, that the bookkeeper, when sending invoices, would often invoice me
    for trees that were purchased by a Ross Saddle Shop in Idaho, and he would get my invoices. Fortunately, their shipping department always shipped to the correct address.

    Hope your day goes well.

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