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Thread: difference of vachetta leather from natural veg-tanned tooling leather

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    difference of vachetta leather from natural veg-tanned tooling leather


    i just noticed that the veg-tanned natural tooling leather is somewhat similar to a vachetta leather in color but the vachetta is kinda cleaner and less wrinkles. are the two related in a way in terms of tanning process? or can a vachetta leather be tooled?
    it seems that when i googled vachetta leather it says that its not treated so when exposed to sun it darkens and has a dark patina. does this mean it is already containing a bit of oil, since it darkens naturally? im kinda confused if it contains anything that makes it dark when sun hits it even if it is in its natural state. a veg-tanned when exposed to sun darkens if its treated with oil befere sun tanning, but the vachetta im not sure reading from google infos, i have never used one obviously. pls. help! anyone?

  2. Hi Ritch,

    I have no experience with vachetta leather but I can tell you that veg-tan skirting leather will darken in the sun even if you haven't oiled it. In the summer time I sometimes use an outside cutting table but have to do so very quickly as even ten minutes in direct sunlight will change the color of Herman Oak skirting. I know because I accidentally left a paper pattern on top of a side of leather (in direct sunlight) while I answered a phone call.


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    thanks for the infos


    thanks for the info. i really like the look of a vachetta my wife's LV bag has them and now its like golden brown beautifully burnished and beaten up over time. befeor this was cream in color like beige when bought brand new now after 8 years it turned into a dark golden patina that i love to have on my projects over time. pretty piece. just have to look for it. i suspect LV orders them for a special favor for them, paid of course. some italian bag makers use them as well for piping and inside pockets. its os beautiful.

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