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Thread: knife and shotgun case patterns

  1. knife and shotgun case patterns

    I am looking for two things. One is a pattern to make a knife sheath to fit on your belt that would run along your belt and not hang down. Works better when riding. The second is a pattern for making a case for a shotgun. This would be a carring case and lined. Any Ideas?

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    Hi Longleaf,
    I would get Al Stohlmans 3 case making books, it is a good resorce for ideas and construction how-to for making case goods. As far as the knife sheath I cant help you there. Im looking for a good pattern myself. Good luck and I hope this helps.
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    Guys take a look on my site and see if you like one
    Thank you,

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    Hi Longleaf,

    I have always heard the type of sheath you are talking about called a saddle knife. because it rides along your belt and doesn't hang down to get caught up when riding or getting on or off your horse. I had a Knife maker I work with make this knife for a friend of mine as a gift. Hope the photos help you design your own. if you still need help PM me and I'll scan the drawing I made and email them to you.
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  5. I have only seen one knife sheath like your saying and it was super cool . It might be tuff to find a great pattern .

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    I have found not all knives and swords are created equal, so most of the time I draw up my own patterns. I know that may not be a big help to some of you but that is what I do if I can't find what I am looking for.

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    I do them all the time and patterns are exclusive to each knife .But a general design can be done from pictures.If I am not doing anything on the front of the sheath such as an inlay or a carving I usually will run a strip of leather over the top and sew it along the main seam.If you look at the inlayed ones I make the belt loop to sew the front of the loop to the top of the sheath and then fold over and sew both ends to the main seam.Really very simple.Dave

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