Tim Kleffner

    Tim Kleffner

    Tim got started in leather back at age 13 in 7th grade with a Tandy kit. He only made a few pieces each year following. But in 2000 he got a bit more serious and purchesed his first leather sewing machine, a Ferdco Pro 2000 and began making making utilitarian pouches and cases. [ ohm meter pouches cell phone cases and belts]. In 2002 TIm started to change over and learn leather tooling as an art. Decided to go with Sheridan style and made a phone call to Chan Geer. They communicated back and forth phone/mail. Chan invited me up in 2003 and has been his teacher, mentor and friend friend ever since. Tim goes to Sheridan WY in May each year and each year has new and different lesson. He works within the Sheridan style guidelines.

    List of wining entries at shows/events:

    Hide Crafters Digest 2005 ... monthly catalog contest
    Texas State Fair 2006 ... Blue Ribbon .. notebook
    IFoLG Fort Worth TX, 2007... Best of Catagory ... notebook
    World Debut , Sheridan, WY 2008 Red Ribbon[2nd] ... chinks
    IFoLG Columbus,OH, 2008... Red Ribbon[2nd]... chinks
    World Debut, Sheridan WY, 2009...Blue Ribbon... chinks
    2007 tooled a magazine cover for the Leather Crafters/ Saddlers Journal
    2009 currently have a magazine cover coming soon

    Location: Corpus Christi, TX
    Phone: 1-361-855-1101
    E-Mail: hr1909@hotmail.com
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